NEWSLETTER INSERTS - Get in front of your Customer every month.

We deliver over 100,000 community newsletters to residents across the country. You choose the City and even target specfic Zip codes. Then you send us your flyer, ad, or brochure and we insert your ad into our monthly newsletter for those communities.

How much does Newsletter Inserts cost?
Advertisers target specific Locations and Zip codes. The cost per insert and delivery deadlines are determined by each market. Rates start as low as $0.10 per insert. Your area's specific rate information is provided during your registration.

Note: Newsletter delivery areas vary.

PAY – PER – CLICK… Take control. Be where your customers are looking.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful option that allows advertisers to pay only for leads generated by their online ad. With PPC, advertisers place a "Deposit" for points, then choose the best spot to be seen, assign different categories and geography to their campaign, run multiple campaigns by creating different messages for each, and decide when to run campaigns and for how long.

How much does PPC cost?
Advertisers target specific category/geography combinations. The point cost per click is determined by the market. Deposits start as little as $50.00. Your area's specific rate information is provided during your registration.

Advertisers pay (1) point for clicks that lead to their:

  • Web Site
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Business Profile
  • Map
  • Online Coupon

Note: User's clicks only count once per user session.

How does PPC work?

Resident Services Network PPC Online is a geographically targeted service with an easy-to-buy category structure that is simpler than traditional "keyword" buys. In the Resident Services Network PPC model, our "keywords" are always a category heading in a specific geographic location by zip code. (Example: Restaurants in Dallas Metro / 75678) Your business listing will be seen by Apartment and Condominium customers near your business.

How are PPC advertisers displayed?

The PPC section is reserved for up to the first 6 placements of each search results display page . And are shown as follows:

  • Category Sponsors
    • Placed above all other listings, with special content and added information.
  • Advertisers
    • Placed above other general listings
  • General Listings

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